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Singer/Model turned Actor or Actor who tries to sing

.picture from Lee Min Ho's facebook page

We have a short list of models/singers turned good actors, and a shorter list of actors turned good singers… no matter the voice or the musical talent.
Go Hyun Jung  was the runner-up in the Miss Korea pageant in 1989
Lee Honey – Miss Korea 2006, 3rd runner-up at Miss Universe 2007, Kim Sa-Rang Miss Korea 2000, her second runner-up was …drums Park Si-Yeon

Cha Seung Won started as a model in 1988
Daniel Henney – model turned actor( with roles in USA productions and kdramas, winner at Newport beach film festival of the Best actor award)
Park Shi Hu – model turned actor
Lee Seung Ki – this guy is ratings magnet yet he is a singer
Uhm Jung-hwa began her career as a chorus member of MBC and officially debuted as a singer in 1993 with her first album Sorrowful Secret
Yoon Kye-sang was in g.o.d yet now is better known for his roles
Sung Yuri – she ain’t on my fave list, yet she is an accomplished actress and ex-member of Fin.K.L,the same goes for S.E.S’s Eugene, Baby VOX’s Yoon Eun-hye, Sugar’s Hwang Jung Eum or Park Soo Jin, SuJu’s 
Big Bang’s TOP – I think he has a Baeksang and a Blue Dragon award under his belt
Alex of  Clazziquai is doing so and so
UEE  I love this girl as actress, as singer-I don’t even listen After School
JYJ = two kdrama actors : Micky YooChun and JaeJoong, and a musical actor Junsu
My favorite actor-singer : No Min Woo was in TRAX, now known for Park DongJoo or the ill bro from Midas
Go Ah Ra
Han Ye Seul won a supermodel competition

Actors struggling with their indie bands:
Kim Jae Wook modeled at 17 , he is a good actor , yet his band Walrus isn’t that well known
Ji Hyun Woo (Queen InHyun’s Man) has a band too – do you know its name? because I don’t… wiki says it’s “The Nuts”
Lee Hyun Jae was the drummer in Shut Up Flower Boy Band, yet in real life he is a drummer himself for indie band “Mate”-
 ( Boys Over Flowers ) composed a mini album: Breath ( she was advised by her own agency that acting is better for her rather than singing)
And now the short list of actors who really made it as singers after modelling or acting
Lee Jun Ki is in a grey area: started as a model but in the same time tried minor roles in dramas, and debuted as a singer in the year he won recognition as a talented actor My Jun, My Style (2006) was his first album (wikipedia) – he has a considerable fanbase for his singing abilities and not his dramas
Jang Na-Ra – SMEnt wanted for her a singing career yet she made it as actress too(she debuted in 2001 as a singer and actress)
Jang Geun Seok –  he really made it in Japan – I think he was twice number one on Oricon chart – which is huge considering the competition already existent in Japan
Yoo InNa is a peculiar case :  she was trained for 10 years to be a singer yet she is an actress.
Who says you MUST have a pretty voice? ask Lee Min Ho – he can do “Everything” except singing
However all the Korean actors sing and dance at their fan-meetings  … c’mon nobody would buy pretty expensive  tickets if the host doesn’t entertain the viewers for at least 2 hours. Therefore we can see amazing fanmeetings shows – see Kim Nam Gil singing to break your heart, Moon Geun Young dancing like she owns the stage, Diva … ops Jang Geun Suk sings, dance, mixes like a pro DJ, of course makes tons of silly things and obviously outrageous fashion, Jung Il Woo would play the piano, No Min Woo drums and plays the piano, Kim Hyun Joong even had such an expensive ticket for his fan meeting that his agency almost marketed it as concert – or it was a concert marketed as fan-meeting? – but he is rather singer than actor with all his wishes to be a popular actor too.
Actors usually don’t launch albums and if they launch one they don’t make promotions, therefore hardly we can see an actor turned popular singer, even though in theory it is possible, in practice there is a handful of actors who really can say that they have a singing career.
Usually Korean entertainers try the singing > acting route because it is easier to get some popularity and after that roles with a lot of screen presence rather than acting in tons of dramas as “extra” until one casting director or PD notices the guy/girl in cause.

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  1. this is a good piece of work you’ve done here, leona.
    some of the names mentioned here are familiar while others makes me .. hmmmm, who’s that??
    do write some more.

    lots of love and big hugs.

    Comment by knette | June 27, 2012 | Reply

    • you know I missed you to the moon and back?

      Comment by Simina | June 28, 2012 | Reply

      • awwww … I’m so touch that someone missed me. You’re kind.

        Anyway, how have you been? What dramas are you watching? Any that makes you rant and raves?

        As for me, I stick to whatever being shown on KBSWorld.

        Comment by knette | June 30, 2012 | Reply

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