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9 Korean Dramas airing in Romania

Curtezana - Euforia TV

It looks like Romania is a good market place for Korean dramas. In fact Romania is a good market place for South American telenovelas as Kassandra or Esmeralda with dedicated TV channels  and long run American TV series like Friends, Star Trek, Lost, Heroes etc. American shows  have more than special TV channels but a big piece of pie from main broadcast channels too.

However since 2009 when Dae Jang Geum had its first run, Romanians found  something new and interesting : sageuks. More it respects the norms about nudity and sexuality therefore kdramas can run during the day. In reality in Korea dramas are rated 15+, but after Romanian norms are rated 12+.


  • TVR1:(National television)
    • Secrets at the Palace also known as Queen Seon Deok – 10.10  rebroadcast (it aired on the same channel in 2010)  Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
    • Legends of the Palace: King Geunchogo – 18.25 premiere – on prime time -Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
  • National TV (cable)
    • Dae Jo Yeong – 20:15 – (prime time) Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu
  • National 24 Plus
    • Emperor of the Sea 16:00  Mon, Tue, Wed,Thu
    • The Iron Empress / Empress Chun Choo  14:30 Fri, Sat, Sun
  • Euforia
    • Hwang Jin Yi 16:00 Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

Trendy dramas:

  • Euforia
    • Bad Guy premiere on 12. Jan  17:30 Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
    • City Hunter 19:45 Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
    • Boys Over Flowers rerun – 5:30 AM Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

The thing about TVR1  is that every sageuk’s name gets translated as Legends of the Palace: Insert some translation here. They started with Dae Jang Geum ( I think is the only one that kept its original name as Jewel in the Palace),  followed by Yi San (as Storm/ Hurricane at the Palace is it me or it was Wind of the Palace?), Secrets of the Palace for the rest of the mortals known as Queen Seon Deok, Legends of the Palace: Doctor Hur Jun, Legends of the Palace : Concubine (aka Dong Yi), Legends of the Palace: Prince Jumong, Legends of the Palace: The Land Of Wind, Legends of the Palace: Kim Soo Ro,  Legends of the Palace: Merchant Lim Sang-ok with of course now airing drama Legends of the Palace: King Geunchogo. Oh My God!! So many legends. Letting the titles aside this channel has a dedicated slot for sageuks, above all it has the best coverage in our country.

Advantage to watch a kdrama on TV: I love HD(TVR) or clear big images and these dramas are translated in our native language, therefore every Romanian speaker can watch them. Plus one: we really have equivalent expressions to Korean expressions  and a visible equivalent of banmal and jondaemal than English has and is nice to see the difference between polite language and familiar speech – for me , supposedly, English should look as a polite language for using YOU for singular and plural, yet it looks more like the familiar speech rather than a polite one.

Problems?!?  Missing lines. Without discrimination these channels don’t have the best subbing teams around – even viki does a better job and has less missing lines than our channel.It gets even better – Euforia has pixelated images – c’mon people isn’t fun to see Lee Min Ho with squares on his face. Funny enough they don’t have this problem with other shows. I can’t see pixels  even the other show with Lee Min Ho – Boys over flowers.

But the cherry on top of all problems is the editing Boys Over Flowers second episode ended a little earlier because the channel must have the right time for ads or sometimes TVR1 edits out the filling scenes to have exactly 1 hour per episode.


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