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It looks like the Diva is 4th in Japan when it comes about CF revenues


Accordingly to omona and women’s magazine ‘Josei Jisin’ it seems that Jang Geun Seok is very well paid to… make CFs  and have pretty mane of glory and be well….a DIVA that fujoshi girls just love to bits.

Here is the Top:

Top Paid Boys in Japana

Translation belongs to kurogoma from omona

1. Arashi
3. Ishikawa Ryo (golfer)
4. DIVA ups JGS
5. Exile
6. Davish Yuu (baseball player)

It gets even better as arama’s article says

Jang Keun Suk was the fourth most highly paid male star for modelling. At his highest, he used to be paid 120 million yen, but he soon lowered his fee to about 80 million yen “because Jang Keun Suk became too expensive, many companies started to pull out their contracts”.

It kinda look outrageous from my point of view to ask the same money as 5 seniors ask for the same job when those 5 people are SMAP, well the stupid isn’t the one who asks the money but the one who gives them and it seems that Tokyo‘s companies didn’t comply that easily. By the way SMAP has some funny CFs that I love to watch just because they are funny.

The Korean girls are doing just fine in earning their money in Japan, yet there is no drama to write about : as we are used to it KARA is doing better than SNSD. (Did SM just lost to another Korean agency? )


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