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It looks like Lee Min Ho is hot and … single

People!!! some Korean celebrities are already divorced – just a few days ago a Jung Jun-il of the  boyband Mate confirmed that he wants to divorce his long time girlfriend and secret wifey  …remember the story of  Lee Ji-Ah and ex, Han Go-eun  (Bodyguard, Me Too Flower) said that the next relationship she will publicly announce it will be at her wedding because she felt like a divorcee when her break up went public, )

On the episode of SBS‘s ‘Pair – Star Love Village‘ that aired on January 24th Shinhwa’s Andy admitted, “When I was in a relationship with a female artist 8 years ago, I knew it would be bad if the news got out so I disguised myself and went to America.”
Another affair are secret weddings  I think the most shocking one was the one of the actress Lee Young-ae: she dated the guy for 10 years and all this time she denied it – why? netizens told that she was sponsored by the bf – really? It “never” crossed my mind!!! It is kinda impossible not to help the loved one in a couple… It would be weird if he would live in a palace and the woman in a cottage… oh well…. only in  a kdrama it is possible for her dirt poor and yet to live well while he loves her and doesn’t help her because it would hurt her pride.

Jang Dong Gun met Ko So Young on the set of the 1998 film “Love Wind, Love Song” and became “friends”. They made headlines in 2009 when they admitted that they had been dating since 2007. – my guess they’ve been dating since forever (aka when they met) but to avoid the scrutiny of knetizens told something nice like 2 years when in reality they denied dating rumors quite often.  In a 2006 article she replied at the accusation “that she is a snob who will marry into the owner family of one of Korea’s big conglomerates.” with “I just can’t cope with that. I want a man who is ordinary and takes good care of his family, and who stays faithful to me his whole life” she already knew who he was.

On the other hand all this needed secrecy has its downfalls people starting groundless  rumors about kcelebs like the ones for Kim Tae Hee in 2007 that she is married and pregnant with a chabeol

The divorce rate among stars is about the same as among ordinary people; it’s just that their divorces get special attention because they are famous and their private lives look like they are everybody’s business.  I think we can easily extrapolate to the rate of break ups…


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